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Squid Jigging

So first, just to be clear, squid isn’t the only thing for which people jig. Jigging simply refers to a type of fishing that employs that use of a jig, which is a weighted lure that comes in many different shapes and colours, and is intended to look like an injured baitfish when jerked up […]

Fly Fishing

So, fly fishing. We’ve all seen pictures or videos or scenes in movies featuring men in those waders, throwing their lines into the water and standing … and standing … and standing. Fly fishers are certainly not the target demographic for digital marketing agencies. They can stand for hours and hours with nothing but their own […]

Ice Fishing

I think that people either feel one of two ways about ice fishing, and that there are few out there who waffle between the two. I would imagine that sitting in a tiny little shed on a frozen lake for hours on end either strikes you as a good time to grab a drink and […]


Depending on how new you are to the world of fishing, you may or may not have heard of a very particular fishing technique called “noodling.” Noodling is a method of catching flathead catfish, for the most part, and is employed primarily in the southern United States. The term is used technically for any method […]