Squid Jigging

So first, just to be clear, squid isn’t the only thing for which people jig. Jigging simply refers to a type of fishing that employs that use of a jig, which is a weighted lure that comes in many different shapes and colours, and is intended to look like an injured baitfish when jerked up and down in the water. This method happens to be particularly popular for catching squid, likely partly due to its inexpensive nature. But before you get ready to send your catch over to caterers in raleigh nc, there are a few particularities one must remember when jigging for squid.  Continue reading “Squid Jigging”

Fly Fishing

So, fly fishing. We’ve all seen pictures or videos or scenes in movies featuring men in those waders, throwing their lines into the water and standing … and standing … and standing. Fly fishers are certainly not the target demographic for digital marketing agencies. They can stand for hours and hours with nothing but their own thoughts, and that’s frankly something I admire. So we’ve all seen it done (at least on a screen), but how does one go about it? What makes fly fishing technique so different form regular fishing technique?

Continue reading “Fly Fishing”

Ice Fishing

I think that people either feel one of two ways about ice fishing, and that there are few out there who waffle between the two. I would imagine that sitting in a tiny little shed on a frozen lake for hours on end either strikes you as a good time to grab a drink and catch up with some friends, or more like the ninth circle of hell, filled with people who promised you a good time, but then delivered something entirely different, like when a corporate limousine service Fayetteville NC tells you one thing about the snack they’ll be providing, and then delivers another. However you feel about the sport, there are plenty of people who seem to like it. Enough that I’m writing this blog post about
it, anyway. Continue reading “Ice Fishing”


Depending on how new you are to the world of fishing, you may or may not have heard of a very particular fishing technique called “noodling.” Noodling is a method of catching flathead catfish, for the most part, and is employed primarily in the southern United States. The term is used technically for any method of catching a fish with your bare hands, but has come to refer primarily to a method that involves – and I’m being completely serious here – sticking your hand in a catfish’s mouth.

Yep. Right in there. Just like a plumbing company snaking out a drain. Basically, in order to get the fish to latch onto your arm (which is a thing you actually want to happen here), you have to stick your hand into a catfish’s home, which is usually an underwater hole of some sort, sometimes in old logs, under rocks, or tucked into mud banks. Continue reading “Noodling”